CentOS is short for Community Enterprise OS. This is one of the best Linux releases for servers and it's regarded as being one of the most reliable and risk-free Operating Systems out there. CentOS is open-source software, which means that you're able to customize it in any way you see fit, adding and removing packages or updating the code of all of them. It is also free to distribute and use, so you won't have to pay any license fees, which means that the total price that you will need to pay for a server making use of CentOS will be cheaper as compared to the price for a server running an alternative OS. What makes CentOS unique among other Linux releases is its huge developer community, which will help you find the reply to any question or problem you might have. What's even more, each version that is released officially is supported for 10 years, that's is longer than with any alternative OS. What this means is ordinary protection and stability updates which will provide a stable software environment for all your web applications in the long run.
CentOS in VPS Hosting
CentOS is one of several Operating System solutions offered by our Linux VPS hosting services. You'll get an efficient, safe and dependable machine using a 32- or 64-bit OS, according to the selection that you've made through the sign-up process. You can also choose from the Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin web hosting Control Panels - something, which isn't possible with the other Linux releases. These options provide you with the opportunity to decide what you would like to do with your VPS - to host your sites and to control the server as one very powerful account, or to create various accounts and provide access to others if, for example, you wish to start a hosting reseller business. In case you're more experienced and you need a server with CentOS, yet with no further software which is usually set up on it, you're able to get a VPS without Control Panel. This will enable you to entirely customize the software environment for your Internet sites.
CentOS in Dedicated Web Hosting
When you need a dedicated server with CentOS, you can take advantage of the plans that we offer, due to the fact that this Operating System is on the list of options that you'll be able to choose through the registration process. Since the software that you wish to use may have specific system requirements, we have 32-bit and 64-bit versions of CentOS. CentOS is compatible with a number of website hosting Control Panels, and if you acquire a dedicated server with our Hepsia Control Panel, you'll be able to control the server as if you're controlling one large account, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin, you'll be able to have different accounts for the domains which you host and can even start a reseller business, as the two Control Panels offer such a functionality. In case you add the Managed Services upgrade, we will also perform OS upgrades weekly and will ensure that your server is secure and it has the most recent software at all times, in order to guarantee the optimum performance for your websites.